Sleeping with Sirens Release Acoustic Music Video for “Gold”


It’s been a week or so since Sleeping with Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn all but confirmed that the Orlando-based band would be releasing an acoustic album some time this year. Last week, the group confirmed the information when they released an acoustic music video for their track, “Gold.” The studio version of the track is featured on the band’s recently released album, Madness. The video features the band performing the song acoustically in front of an intimate audience while clips of them behind-the-scenes are interwoven with the live performance. Watch the music video below.

Currently, the only confirmed information for the acoustic album is its title, Live and Unplugged. Aside from that, it looks like an acoustic version of “Who Are You Now” from 2011’s Let’s Cheer to This and a cover of Sublime’s “Santeria” might make it onto the album. One thing is for sure, the band promises that more information will be unveiled this Friday, Feb. 19.

Last week, Quinn took to Periscope for a chat with fans. During the chat, he revealed that the band is already beginning the early stages of a creating a new album. In the chat, he also revealed that the sound of the new material will be different from what fans have gotten used to. “It’s definitely going to be focused on us re-branding and thinking about our music in terms of what we really want to do with it,” explained Quinn. “I think when you’re making music and you’re expected to do certain things with your band, you kinda lose your touch and your focus. I definitely think this record is us getting back to who we are; getting back to concentrating on the music itself.”

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