Good Charlotte Sign to New Record Label


Good Charlotte made fans excited last year when they revealed that they had returned from their four-year hiatus. Soon after, they released a new song and announced a slew of European tour dates with All Time Low. Throughout all that, talks of a new album has been kept to a minimum with frontman Joel Madden recently teasing that there will be new music.

On Tuesday (Feb. 9), the band formally announced that they had signed to a new record label, adding more evidence to the fact that we might be receiving a new record from the Maryland band soon. The five-piece have signed a worldwide deal with Kobalt Label Services.

“If there’s anything two decades in music will teach you, it’s that the team is just as important as the songs,” reveal Benji and Joel Madden in a statement. “Kobalt is made up of a talented group of people, experienced in the work it takes to execute. We’re excited to work with this company on a global scale and bring the best music we’ve ever made to people everywhere.”

“Benji and Joel have forged ahead on their own terms in redefining the artist to fan relationship,” adds Kobalt president Richard Sanders. “They are innovators both musically and in how they interact with their audience. All of us at Kobalt share their vision for world domination!”

So, now that we have a regrouped band, a record label, a couple of tour dates, and a single, how much longer do fans of the band have to wait for a new album? Hopefully, not that long. Good Charlotte’s last studio album was 2010’s Cardiology.

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