The Pixies Tease New Music, Announce Tour Dates


The Pixies’ last studio album may have been released back in 2014, but now it looks like they might be giving their fans some new music this year. On Monday (Feb. 8), the Massachusetts-based band uploaded a 20-second clip on YouTube which has begun new music speculations. The video begins with what sounds like feedback from the guitar (or the beginning of a song?) that starts really low and as the teaser progresses, with black-and-white photos in the background, the feedback gets louder. Right as the video is about to end, the sound abruptly cuts off to a graphic that says “PIXIES COMING…2016.”

Watch the teaser clip below.

If this is the beginning of some new music, it will officially be the follow-up to the band’s 2014 release, Indie Cindy. Prior to the official release of Indie Cindy, most of the tracks were released as three separate EPs fittingly titled EP-1, EP-2, and EP-3. Indie Cindy was also the group’s highly anticipated follow-up to 1991’s Trompe le Monde as well as their return album following their 11-year break up.

In addition to the teaser, it looks like the indie band will once again be hitting the road this summer. Their European tour is scheduled to kick off on July 7 at NOS Alive in Lisbon, Portugal and wrap up on July 21 at the Flowers Festival in Torino, Italy. The complete list of tour dates can be seen below.


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