Sleeping with Sirens Frontman Gives Update on New Album


Sleeping with Sirens released their new album, Madness last summer, but now it’s looking like they’re ready to get back into the studio for a follow-up. On Sunday (Feb. 7), SWS frontman Kellin Quinn hosted a Periscope chat with his fans. During the chat, he updated fans about the group’s still-in-the-works new album. As it turns out, it’s going to be the band’s attempt to go back to their roots or as Quinn said, them “getting back to who we are.”

“It’s definitely going to be focused on us re-branding and thinking about our music in terms of what we really want to do with it,” explained Quinn. “I think when you’re making music and you’re expected to do certain things with your band, you kinda lose your touch and your focus. I definitely think this record is us getting back to who we are; getting back to concentrating on the music itself.”

He continued, “It’s definitely very, very opening, and probably the most personal record I’ve ever wrote.” Last month, Quinn has taken to Instagram to post snippets of two acoustic songs. One of the songs was “Who Are You Now” from the band’s 2011 release, Let’s Cheer to This, while in the second video was a cover of Sublime’s “Santeria.” According to the group, they will be releasing an acoustic record some time this year. The acoustic album announcement came a few months after they wrapped up their “We Like it Quiet Acoustic Tour.”

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