The Starting Line Release Video for “Anyways”

It’s been  few months since The Starting Line released their new song “Anyways.” Now, the group is giving their fans the official music video for the new track. On Tuesday (Feb. 2), the Philadelphia-based band joined forces with Fuse to premiere the new music video. The video featured the band doing what they do best: putting on a show for their dedicated fan base. Watch the video for “Anyways” below.

“Anyways” is the title track from the band’s upcoming 7-inch which is due out on Feb. 19 through Downtown Records. In conjunction with the video’s premiere, frontman Kenny Vasoli sat down with Fuse to talk about a lot of things like the future of the band. As it turns out, a new full-length album is not in the band’s immediate future. Instead, Vasoli said told the media outlet that the group hasn’t exactly spoken about it.

“We haven’t really had too many conversations about it. I would be interested in doing another 7-inch, something more focused,” said Vasoli. “I like that it’s not a single and it’s not really an EP or a record. The whole package of a 7-inch is a cool way to let out some new material because the people who really care about it are going to hunt for something like that.”

As of now, Vasoli says that he’s solely focused on his other band, Vacationer. According to the singer, the act is his “bread and butter.” Vacationer will be hitting the high seas with Paramore, New Found Glory, Lights, and CHVRCHES for Paramore’s PARAHOY! cruise next month.

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