The Rocket Summer Announces Album Title, Release Date


Earlier this week, the Rocket Summer (aka Bryce Avary) released the music video for his new song “Same Air.” At the time of the release, the musician still had not unveiled the official name for the record or its release date. On Friday (Jan. 8), things changed. Taking to social media, the signer revealed that his sixth studio album will be named Zoetic and is set to be released on Feb. 26.

Recently, the musician sat down with Alternative Press to speak about the new record which was funded by his fans. He was asked which of his previous albums this new record would sound more like. As it turns out, it’s complete different from any of his previous works. “I don’t think it’s like any of those albums,” he admitted to the publication. “The only thing I feel like I could say it might kind of be like is some of the vocal delivery and some of the energy in Hello, Good Friend. If somebody has been listening for a while, they might be able to pick up on that, but I don’t really think this album sounds anything like any [previous album] for better or for worse.”

With such a unique name for an album, he was also asked to describe it in one word. “Alive. Zoetic, the actual word means alive—of or relating to life—and I just thought it was the coolest word, and that word seemed to really fit.”


The album art for the upcoming release can be seen below while the trippy music video for “Same Air” can be seen here.


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