Members of Emmure Leave Band, Form New Group

Over a decade after their inception, Emmure is down to one band member. On Tuesday evening (Dec. 22), news broke that all the members of the metalcore band had left the group with only frontman Frankie Palmeri remaining. At the time of the announcement, there was no reason given as to why four out of the five members, which include bassist Mark Davis, guitarist Jesse Ketive, guitarist Mike Mulholland, and drummer Adam Pierce, left abruptly.

In an interview with Alternative Press shortly after the news was made public, Davis revealed the real reason and when the actual decision to bow out of the group was made. “The four of us made the decision to leave the band pretty much immediately after finishing our set on September 9 in Russia,” Davis begins. “It was our first string of shows back (Ghostfest in Leeds, and two headlining shows in Russia) since taking most of spring and all of summer off to allow Frankie’s vocal cords to heal, which he injured during the ‘Stronger Than Faith Tour.’ We all expected to come back to a refreshed, productive and positive work environment, but that was not the case.”

“We had no plans to ‘dismantle’ prior to actually doing it,” Davis admits. “We did, however, have plans for a new album and new label. After Russia, we were supposed to go to Japan for shows, and then come back home and get to work. Since then, we’ve just been waiting for the announcement to happen so that we can move on with our lives and our careers in music.”

But being bandless didn’t last very long. According to Davis, Ketive, Mulholland, Pierce, and himself already have plans to create a new band and put out music through that venture. The idea is very similar to what the remaining members of Lostprophets did when they joined forces with Geoff Rickly to create No Devotion.

“[We] are currently working on material for an un-named/un-fronted project. It is in the early stages but progressing quickly, and we will be ready to find a singer to fit the sound of the band soon. And as far as the sound goes, it’s still going to be us playing our instruments the way that we love to, but in a new, refreshed environment.”

Back in October, the band was scheduled to go on tour with All That Remains and We Came as Romans on the “Hardrive Live Fallout Tour.” Due to personal issues, the band dropped off the tour. Maybe this was the personal issues that caused the withdraw from the tour. Emmure’s last studio album was 2014’s Eternal Enemies which was released through Victory Records.

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