Epitaph Records to Give The Ghost Inside All Profits from Albums


Epitaph Record will be giving back to one of their bands this holiday season. On Monday evening (Dec. 14), Epitaph head honcho, Brett Gurewitz revealed that all profits from the sales of The Ghost Inside’s album will be given directly to the band; the record label will not be getting a cut, at all. In the letter, Gurewitz writes, “In light of this tragedy, Epitaph has decided to donate all profits from the sales of all The Ghost Inside’s albums, worldwide, directly to the band – indefinitely.”

This isn’t even the first time the record label has done something to help the band that is still recovering from the tragic accident that took the life of both drivers. Late last month, the label hosted a pop-up shop which was selling merchandise from The Ghost Inside and other Epitaph bands to raise money for the band, their crew, and the families of both drivers.

Read Gurewitz’s complete letter about his decision below.


The Ghost Inside were involved in the fatal bus crash on Nov. 19 while they were in route to Mesa, AZ. The band’s tour bus collided head-on with a tractor-trailer on U.S. Highway 180, eight miles east of the border patrol checkpoint outside of El Paso, TX. As previously stated, both drivers were killed in the accident while the other eleven people on the bus, which included the band, survived but were hospitalized.

Jonathan Vigil (vocals), Zach Johnson (guitar), Andrew Tkaczyk (drums), and two others were hospitalized in critical condition. The severity of the accident resulted in the band announcing earlier this month that they will on an indefinite hiatus.

If you feel like helping out, feel free to head on over to Epitaph’s website and buy some TGI merch.

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