The Starting Line Confirm Release of New Music

Fans of The Starting Line have been waiting almost a year for new music. Now, the wait is finally over. On Monday (Dec. 14), the Starting Line confirmed that they will be releasing new music in the new year. According to the band, they will be releasing a new 7-inch titled Anyways which is set to hit stores on Feb. 5, 2016.

In addition to the confirmation, the band also revealed that the first new track will debut this upcoming Thursday, Dec. 14. The new song comes almost a year after The Starting Line first announced they had new music in the works. During their annual holiday show in Philadelphia last year, frontman Kenny Vasoli announced the news and then followed it up by playing a new song. A couple of days later, a video from the show was uploaded onto the internet.

Recently, Vasoli was the subject of a profile for Phillyvoice. When he was asked about the direction of the band’s new music, he told the publication that “it’s still punk rock.”

“It’s still punk rock. We’re always going to sound like The Starting Line,” he explains to the publication.
“I feel like I’ve stepped back far enough that I can really identify with what I liked about pop punk and what I appreciate about it now.”

Anyways, and the new song, will be the band’s first set of new songs since the release of 2007’s Direction.

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