Weezer Become Gambling Clergymen in “Thank God for Girls”


Remember how a few weeks back Weezer dropped their new song and everyone started to scratch their heads because of the “what the heck” like lyric video that came with it? Well, it looks like the band has returned with a music video that’s similar in kookiness. On Monday (Nov. 16), Weezer released the official music video for “Thank God for Girls.”

The music video begins with frontman Rivers Cuomo playing an over-the-top preacher on an equally over-the-top stage. Cuomo is then seen preaching to the congregation (more like singing the lyrics of the song) as they throw money at him. Little do they know that he, and the rest of the band who play clergymen, are taking the money and using it in the backroom to gamble. Of course, things don’t go so well as they end up getting beat up at the end of the video by the sketchy people they were gambling with.

Also, keep an eye out for a certain Italian dessert to make an appearance.

Check out the music video for “Thank God for Girls” below.

No word yet if “Thank God for Girls” or recently released “Do You Wanna Get High” are part of a new album, or if they are just tracks to tide fans over for some time. Some publications are claiming it’s part of a new record, but Weezer have confirmed nor denied if they are working on a new record.

Weezer’s last studio album was 2014’s Everything Will Be Alright in the End.

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