Bring Me the Horizon Release Short Film for “True Friends”

Bring Me the Horizon have returned with the music video for one of their latest tracks, “True Friends.” The music video for the song is more like a short-film, running a little over seven and a half minutes long and a style that looks like a short independent film.

The music video begins with a girl holding herself underwater in a bathtub. The image soon changes to her fighting with an older man who we can safely assume is her father. The camera pans across the wall showing images of the father dressed in a police uniform which plays a role later on in the video. This should be the first indication that this is not going to be a “rainbows and candy” sort of music video.

The detective is soon called to a farm because several horses belonging to the farmer have been killed; their heads removed from their body while what appears to be a cow is suspended in mid-air by ropes. With some writing on walls in blood-red paint, sketchy Polaroids posted in the family’s garage, and a sketchy dude in a bar (BMTH’s “Follow You” is played in the background) accusing the detective of abusing his daughter, we finally find out just what was going on behind those closed doors.

Oh yeah, and the band is also featured in the music video, though it seems to be minimal compared to other videos. Check out the music video for “True Friends” below.

“True Friends” is featured on Bring Me the Horizon’s recently released album, That’s the Spirit.


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