Good Charlotte Return from Hiatus


It’s only been four years since Good Charlotte announced they would be going on hiatus, but now it appears that it’s time for the Maryland-based band to come back from the dead. On Tuesday morning (Nov. 3), the band’s Twitter account was updated with a new picture of the five-piece with the Alternative Press logo and “#WelcomeBackGC” printed on it (as seen above). Along with the image, a link was also posted.

Once the link was clicked, it would send the social media follower onto the band’s official Tumblr page which displayed another link; this time, a link back to Alternative Press. There, on the Alternative Press page is a slight article about the band’s return as well as a snippet of a brand new song. Listen to the snippet of the new song here.

Since the announcement of their hiatus, it appears that most of the members have been keeping themselves busy. Joel and Benji Madden went on to put out an album titled Greetings from California back in 2014 as the Madden Brother (we know, big shock) while guitarist Billy Martin has been keeping himself busy with his art and attending comic book conventions. As for Paul Thomas (bass) and Dean Butterworth (drums), we aren’t quite sure what they’ve been up to in the last four years.

The end of the hiatus shouldn’t come as that much of a big surprise. Earlier this year, the band contributed a song titled “Game On” featuring Waka Flocka Flame to the soundtrack of Adam Sandler’s video game inspired film, Pixels.

The band’s last studio album was 2010’s Cardiology.

So this begs the question, are we pumped for Good Charlotte to be back?

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