Former Flyleaf Vocalist Debuts First Solo Single


It’s been nearly three years since Lacey Strum left Flyleaf; the group she helped launch with her vocals on tracks such as “So Sick” and “Fully Alive.” After teasing earlier this year that she would be returning to music after a slight break, the singer is back with her new single. Heading over to SiriusXM, Strum debuted the song which is titled “Impossible.”

While speaking with Sirius about the new song, she revealed just how the track was chosen as the lead single. “We chose it [as the first single] because we just really felt like it embodied where we’re at right now and all of the excitement and urgency that we feel for what we are about to enter into. It’s heavy, it’s genuine, it’s full of hope, and it’s just who we are. I love it.”

“Impossible” can be heard over at SiriusXM’s website here or on Sirius’ Octane channel (channel 37  for those who are subscribe to the satellite radio service) which will be playing the song every three hours throughout the week.

“Impossible” will be available for purchase beginning next Monday, Nov. 9 on all digital media platforms. As for Strum’s upcoming album Life Screams, the record is set to be released in early 2016.


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