Former Neck Deep Guitarist Cleared of Wrongdoing

It’s been a couple of months since former Neck Deep guitarist Lloyd Roberts had been accused of sexual misconduct and now, the musician has given an update on the case. On Tuesday (Oct. 13), Roberts took to social media to post a statement about the investigation. After a thorough investigation by the North Wales Police, the guitarist was informed that no case was found and that the case had been closed.

Read Roberts’ statement about the incident below.

In August this year I stepped down from Neck Deep after serious allegations were directed at me online.

I was horrified and sickened by these accusations and in order to clear my name, I contacted the police myself and asked them to investigate.

Now, following a thorough investigation by North Wales Police, I received confirmation yesterday that officers have found no case for me to answer and that their investigation is now closed. 

It has been an immensely difficult time for both me and my family. When these claims surfaced I’d just become a dad for the first time and so the situation I found myself in with these accusations caused us all a great deal of emotional distress. 

I also felt the need to step down from Neck Deep just as we were beginning to get the recognition we’d all worked so hard to achieve. 

I’m now looking to put this horrendous chapter in my life behind me as I instead look forward to the future. For me, that means doing the one thing I love the most – writing and recording music. 

I’ve got some exciting plans in development, so watch this space. 

In the meantime I’d like to thank all of the Neck Deep fans who stuck with me and offered me support over the past few months. It meant a lot to me.

I’d also like to wish my Neck Deep comrades all the best for the future. I’m sure our paths will cross again soon.


Lloyd Roberts”

In August, reports began to surface that the musician had been accused of sexual misconduct with a female fan. The alleged victim had taken to her Tumblr to tell her story of what had happened. According to her post, the alleged victim was 15 years old at the time of the supposed misconduct which included Roberts sending her nude photographs of himself.

As soon as the allegations made news, Roberts took to social media to tell his follows that “if any one thinks I’ve done something wrong, please tell the police. I’ll be more than happy to help.” He later followed it up with the message: “My previous statement still stands, until the point I hear otherwise I’m going to carry on with my life. Outside the internet.” Roberts then took down his Twitter account and a few days later revealed that he, and Neck Deep, had parted ways.

At the same time Roberts was being put through the wringer, bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans was also accused of sexual misconduct, though no real proof ever surfaced.

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