Watch Katy Perry’s Rock in Rio Show Get All Awkward

We’ve all probably dreamed at one point in time what it would be like to meet your favorite band/artist. What would you wear? What would you say? Hell, do you even say anything to them?

Well, apparently not everyone is like that and a close encounter of the strange kind happened to Katy Perry this past weekend. The pop star was in Brazil for the Rock in Rio Festival where she performed on Sunday evening (Sept. 27). Perry, like she does at most of her shows, decided to invite a fan onstage and that’s when things took a turn for the awkward.

The fan made her way on stage looking all kinds of intoxicated. At first, Perry tried to get the girl’s name, but after several failed attempts just renamed her. Then, the fan proceeded to attempt to kiss Perry’s neck where Perry said that she might be “rolling.” Perry tried to segue into getting the fan to teacher some Portuguese which was a massive fail. And that’s just some of the craziness that went on.

All in a day’s work for any musician, we guess. Watch the video of the strange encounter below.


  1. LMAO the girl was just excited and she said her name but katy didn’t understand bc it’s not a common name all of this is BULLSHIT I WISH I WAS RAIAIAIAIA

    • I completely understand, language barriers. When I went to the “Prism Tour” for my birthday, all I wanted was to be invited onto the stage for “Birthday,” but I was too far, so some dude was invited on stage. Plus, I made my own version of her encore outfit with a hoop skirt and all, so that would have been a sight to see.

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