Geoff Rickly “Poisoned and Robbed” in Germany


Poor Geoff Rickly cannot catch a break. Last week, the former Thursday head-honcho received a lot of backlash when it was revealed that the “Internet’s Most Hated Man,” Martin Shkreli, was a major investor in his record label, Collect Records. Following the backlash, he quickly revealed that he had cut all ties with Shkreli which may mean the end of the record label.

But if that wasn’t enough, over the weekend, the No Devotion frontman was reportedly poisoned and robbed in Germany. No Devotion was scheduled to perform at Rock Cafe St. Pauli as part of the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg on Friday (Sept. 25), when the incident took place outside the venue. As one can image, the show was cancelled and Rickly was taken to the hospital.

Taking to Instagram, Rickly recounted what happened. He reveals that due to the incident he had to spend the night at the hospital forcing the group to miss their show that night. But, it appears that Rickly has recovered nicely and in a timely manner because No Devotion made it to their show in Paris on Sunday (Sept. 27). According to travelers, the poisoning of tourists’ drinks is a quite common occurrence since it allows those doing the poisoning to rob them without that much of a hassle.

Rickly’s post can be seen below.

Even with this unfortunate incident which sadly is not the first time Rickly has been robbed (he was robbed at gunpoint in New York City in 2013), No Devotion will continue on their previously announced tours which continues tonight at The Portland Arms in Cambridge. Following a few more European stops, the group will head over to the United States for a couple of Northeast tour stops. Full tour dates can be seen on the band’s Facebook page.

No Devotion’s debut album, Permanence was released last Friday, Sept. 25.


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