Anberlin Announce ‘Don’t Try To Wake Me Up’ Documentary


November will mark a year since Anberlin performed their last show ever in their hometown of Orlando. Since the band’s breakup, they have released several things for fans including the two live album they put out earlier this year; Never Take Friendship Personal: Live in New York City and Cities: Live in New York City.

Now, the defunct band has revealed that they will be giving their fans something else; a short documentary. Titled Don’t Try To Wake Me Up, the 21-minute film will give the viewer an exclusive look at what went on during the band’s final day together and their final show. A bittersweet moment for anyone who has been a fan of the band whether it was the entire 12 years of just a couple of years.

In the description about the film, it claims that: “Everyone has seen concert footage before; this film visits the band more intimately, as all 5 band members talk in a private and candid one-on-one environment about what that day was like in their most transparent and vulnerable interviews ever given.”

Watch the official trailer for Don’t Try To Wake Me Up below.

Like the page Vimeo page for the video says, the documentary is currently available for both renting (rather streaming for 48 hours) and buying.

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