Of Mice & Men Frontman Electrocuted

Poor Austin Carlile just can’t catch a break.

The unfortunate Of Mice & Men frontman spent the summer in and out of hospitals due to his Marfan syndrome acting up and a broken rib that he obtained during the band’s most recent tour. Now, Carlile can add electrocution to the long list of reasons that he has called a hospital home.

Over the weekend, it appears that Of Mice & Men, or at least Carlile, had been rehearsing after the band’s several month hiatus. During the rehearsal, Carlile’s microphone malfunctioned, resulting in the singer receiving an electric shock. He went onto Twitter the day after he had been released from the hospital to update fans on what had happened.

In a pair of tweets, Carlile revealed that he had been hospitalized for 24 hours as a precaution. He also wrote that he received burns on his fingers from the mic shock and feels like he had been “run over by a truck.”

Not a good feeling for someone who had spent over a month recovering from multiple surgeries. Read the pair of tweets below.

Back in August, Of Mice & Men announced they had cancelled the remainder of their 2015 tour dates, including Ozzfest Japan in November, so that Carlile could “recover so that we may come back in 2016 stronger than ever.”

Wishing Austin a speedy recovery. Again.


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