Alexisonfire is “Officially Back”

After a year of “will they or won’t they,” Alexisonfire has announced they have officially reunited.

Coming as a surprise (or not) to longtime fans of the Canadian band, the group revealed the news during their set at this past Saturday’s Riot Fest Toronto (Sept. 19). During the show, guitarist Wade MacNeil took to the microphone to thank the fans for sticking by them through everything including their breakup. Then, came the news that their dedicated fans had been hoping for since they released a handful of festival tour dates back in March.

“Thank you for believing in this band when we couldn’t even believe in this band,” MacNeil began, resulting in the audience cheering loudly.

“Thank you for sticking with us. We promise to never leave you again, all right? No more sentimental shit. ALEXISONFIRE IS OFFICIALLY BACK!” Cue the over-the-top, blood-curdling screams from the crowd.

Like most concerts and festivals, footage of the announcement was recorded and has been uploaded to the internet. Check out the footage of MacNeil making the announcement of the official reunion below.

Alexisonfire announced their initial breakup back in August of 2011 and followed it up with a “farewell” tour in 2012. Since the breakup, they released a lot of limited edition items including two exclusive vinyl boxsets which sold out almost immediately.

One question that we are sure some AOF fans might be asking is how frontman Dallas Green is going to do it all. City and Colour will begin their United States tour on Nov. 5 at The Fillmore in Detroit and wrap up on Dec. 12 at The National in Richmond, VA. After a couple of months off, Green will head to Europe for City and Colour’s European tour which will kick-off on Feb. 9 in Denmark and wrap up on Feb. 27 in London.

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