‘American Idiot’ Documentary to Hit Theaters in October

September marks 11 years since Green Day released one of their career-best albums, American Idiot. In honor of that, a documentary which followed the band while they made the record will be released in October. Titled, Heart Like a Hand Grenade, a direct lyric from “She’s a Rebel,” the documentary follows the group for nine months as they hit the recording studio to compose songs such as “Boulevard of Broken Dream,” “Holiday” and of course “American Idiot.”

The film will be released on Oct. 15 and was directed by John Roecker, a friend of the band who spent the nine months with them as they recorded the rock opera. In a message to fans on Green Day’s website, Roecker reveals how the idea came to fruition and not to expect any behind-the-scenes drama or fighting. Also included in the “rock doc” is a never-before-seen Green Day concert which shows the band performing American Idiot, in full, at an intimate concert venue.

“After the recording was finished they booked a small theatre and performed the album in its entirety, which is included in the film (Fun fact! This was 11 years ago folks and the camera phone was not invented so this is the only way you can see this legendary concert!) This movie is like a fly-on-the-wall art house piece. It is the first time Green Day allowed someone into the studio to film them,” Roecker wrote in his message.

To read Roecker’s complete director’s statement click here.


American Idiot was released in September of 2004 and has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. But if that wasn’t enough, it’s also a Grammy Award winning record which led to it transitioning from the radio to the stage. The stage show has earned two Tony Awards and is currently out on tour. Not too shabby for a record that was made “on the fly” because the group’s original record has been stolen from the recording studio.

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