Of Mice & Men Prove They’re “Never Giving Up” in New Video

When Of Mice & Men announced they had to cancel the last stops of their “Full Circle Tour,” fans for those dates were understandably saddened. When the band unveiled that the cancellations stemmed from frontman Austin Carlile being hospitalized, fans were even more understanding about the turn of events.

Now, several months after the tour was scheduled to wrap, the band has returned with a brand new music video for one of the newer songs featured on their recently released album, Restoring Force: Full Circle; the deluxe edition of the band’s third studio album, Restoring Force. The song is titled “Never Giving Up”; a fitting title since that has been one of Carlile’s mottos since his hospitalization and slew of surgeries.

The band released the black-and-white music video via USA Today on Friday (Sept. 11) which features live footage of the band on stage, traveling, and behind-the-scene antics. The music video can be seen below.

In addition to the music video, the band has also released a second video to coincide with the release of “Never Giving Up.” The second video features Carlile recounting what led to his hospitalization and eventual cancellation of the tour. As it turns out, he had been “suffering from a broken rib throughout the tour” which resulted in four inches of rib and cartilage being removed.

“Three times while I was on the road, I had to stop and get nerve blocks, a shot in my spine and a shot in the back of my rib, just to numb the pain of the broken rib I had every night of playing the shows,” he says in the video.

Watch Carlile’s message to fans below.

But for anyone who follows him on social media, especially Instagram, it looks like Carlile’s recovery is going very well. The frontman has been vigilant in updating fans about his recovery, even posting images of the comic books and regular books he’s been reading during his “down time.”

But if deep down inside you were holding a candle for the band hitting the road before the year ends, those hopes have been dashed. In a recent post by the band on Facebook, all 2015 tour dates including their appearance at the Louder Than Life Festival next month in Louisville as well as Ozzfest Japan have been cancelled.

“Whilst the surgeries Austin underwent earlier this summer went well, it is important that we allow him time to recover so that we may come back in 2016 stronger than ever,” the band wrote back in August.

We’re sure they’ll be “stronger than ever” come 2016.

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