Sleeping with Sirens Go ‘American Horror Story’ in “Better Off Dead”


Six months after the release of their fourth studio album, Sleeping with Sirens has returned with a new music video for one of the tracks featured on Madness. The music video is for the song “Better Off Dead” which finds the Orlando-based band playing inside what appears to be a haunted house. The video begins with a woman going into the house that, according to a newspaper, is slated to be condemned. Lets just say, it feels like something you might see (or have seen) on Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story.

Once the main character enters the house, things seem to go bump in the night (or day) as she begins to feel creepy crawlies possess the house. First she spots a long-haired person similar to the girl from The Ring in the bathtub. Then, a creepy hand reaches out from the dark and touches her shoulder. But if that wasn’t enough, the door to the basement just conveniently opens behind her while she gets possessed by spirits.

After enduring all the creepiness, the character does exactly what any sane person would do; get the hell out of the house.

All we have to say is, thanks for the Halloween gift a month early, guys.

Check out the music video for “Better Off Dead” below.

“Better Off Dead” is featured on Sleeping with Sirens recently released album Madness which was released in March. In support of the album, the group headed out on two back to back tours; an acoustic North American tour back in June and a Latin American tour in August.

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