The Matches Advise Fans to “Standby”


Is there something brewing over at Camp The Matches? Well, after posting a cryptic clip on their social media accounts, it appears that there just might be.

The California band, who went on hiatus back in 2009, have been quiet since their one-night only show in 2014 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut album, E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals. With this new video, talk of a reunion among fans has once again begun. The short clip, which comes in at 15 seconds, features an artist’s hands drawing out the word “Standby.” While the word is being drawn out, there’s audio in the background which keeps changing as if someone was turning the dials on an old school radio searching for some music. Watch the cryptic clip below.

While at the current moment there has been no confirmation (or denial) that there might be a reunion, or even a reissue of any of their material, it’s a good time to point out that the band’s sophomore album Decomposer will turn ten in 2016. The album which gave us tracks like “Papercut Skin,” “Little Maggots,” and “What Katie Said” will officially hit the decade mark next September. Until the band comes forward as to what we’re standing by for, we’ll be here, waiting for it.

The Matches last album before calling it a day was 2008’s A Band in Hope.

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