Hawthorne Heights Premiere “The Darkest Times”

It feels like it’s been several years since Hawthorne Heights has released new music and now it looks like the Ohio-based band is looking to change that.

Today (Aug. 26), the four-piece debuted a new song titled “The Darkest Times” from their upcoming EP, Hurt. The song, at first listen, sounds like it would have fit right in on their debut record, The Silence in Black and White. For those who grew up during the heyday of “emo” music (like us), it feels like a nice trip to those days when we used to look like pandas with our overly done eyeliner and multi-colored hair.

Listen to “The Darkest Times” below.

Back in January, the band had teased that there was a lot of good news for fans coming up within the new year. Sadly, within the same post, they revealed that longtime guitarist and backing vocalist, Micah Carli had left the group. Six month prior to Carli’s departure, longtime drummer Eron Bucciarelli also left the band.

Hurt is the final chapter of the group’s EP trilogy which included 2011’s Hate and 2012’s Hope. Hurt is set to be released on Sept. 18. Pre-orders are currently available on the band’s website with several different bundles to pick from.

This past summer, the band hit the road alongside Sleepwave and Extinction A.D. for From Autumn to Ashes reunion tour. As we all know, From Autumn To Ashes left the tour due to a “personal emergency” while Hawthorn Heights, Sleepwave, and Extinction A.D. continued on the trek.

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