New Order Retell King Arthur in New Music Video


With about a month left until the release of Music Complete, New Order has returned with the music video for the  lead single, “Restless.” The music video, which was directed and produced by Spanish filmmakers, NYSU, does not have any of the band members present in it, but does tell an updated tale of King Arthur and the sword of Excalibur. In this updated world, once the sword is pulled and you are the “chosen one,” you are taken to a “perfect” world of overindulgence which features a scuzzy nightclub and a Last Supper-esque feast.

We guess that’s what the good life is like. Check out the video for “Restless” below.

Music Complete is set to be released on Sept. 25 through Mute Records. The new album will feature a slew of guest stars, as it was previously announced. Iggy Pop will reportedly be featured on the track, “Stray Dog” while The Killers’ Brandon Flowers will contribute to “Superheated.” La Roux’s Elly Jackson will actually sing on three tracks on the new record; “Tutti Frutti,” “People On The High Line,” and “Plastic.”


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