Fall Out Boy Join Forces with Steve Aoki

Not everyone is a big fan of electronic dance music (believe us, we’re part of that group), but when you take a DJ and mix it up with a well-known band, what you get might make you forget that you’re not a fan of that kind of music.

Yesterday, the official music video for Steve Aoki’s song, “Back to Earth” which features one of our favorite groups Fall Out Boy was released. The video tells the story of an alien girl (hence the name of the song) running away, and beating up, hunters who look like Boba Fett’s long-lost brothers trying to capture her. When she gets shot, and almost captured, a savior who reminds us of Bane (if he were good and dressed in white) comes to her rescue.

Watch the music video for the track below which we’re sure could have been a bonus track on American Beauty/American Psycho.

“Back to Earth” is featured on Aoki’s recently released record, Neon Future I which not only featured the collaboration with Fall Out boy, but also collaborations with Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele, Will.i.am, Machine Gun Kelly, Afrojack, and pop star Bonnie McKee.

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