NOFX Call Out “Beardo” Hipster at Show


We know that everyone has a problem with hipsters nowadays for some really unknown reason (yes, we know it’s probably their pretentiousness and narcissists tendencies), but, apparently just the mere presence of a hipster at a recent show had the guys from NOFX a little more than annoyed.

During their warm-up banter at the Halifax, Nova Scotia stop of the ‘Fat Wrecked for 25 Years’ tour, guitarist El Hefe noticed a guy, right in front of the stage wearing a tie-dyed shirt who didn’t seem to be enjoying the banter on stage. Apparently, just his presences was irritating frontman Fat Mike to the point that he even offered the “beardo” money to leave the show.

“Yeah, you know what? You have no business being here. I will pay you $100 to leave this show,” said Fat Mike.
“Are you going to stand in front and bother me all day with your fucking tie dye shirt and your beard?” he continued.

Instead of taking the money, the guy decided to stand his ground, so Fat Mike did the only thing he could do; he “bought” the shirt from the guy for $20.

Watch the complete exchange below around the 1:46 mark.


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