5 Seconds of Summer Rock Out in the “She’s Kinda Hot” Video

5 Seconds of Summer has returned with the music video for their new single, “She’s Kinda Hot.”

The music video begins with the guys of the Australian band getting ready to do some kind of work in a garage, what exactly is unknown to the viewer. As they begin to work on their top-secret project, we see several other guys doing what they do best; playing video games, eating, and so forth.

As the song kicks in, we see the band sitting on this Victorian looking house, playing their instruments as video of the other guys going through the motions of life are intertwined.One guy is seen going to a shrink, another one gets picked on by some jocks while he’s trying to eat, and the another is getting “bitched” at by his girlfriend (like the lyrics say) when all he wants to do is play his video game. Guess it’s a good thing “she’s kinda hot.”

In the meantime, the super secret project the guys of 5SOS were working on is unveiled to be some kind of a cross between a parade float and the Batmobile.

Check out the music video for “She’s Kinda Hot” below.

On Monday (Aug. 3), it was revealed that 5 Seconds of Summer will be releasing a three song EP later this month. The EP which has fittingly been title the She’s Kinda Hot EP, will feature two new songs, “Broken Pieces” and “Lost in Reality” alongside “She’s Kinda Hot.”

The She’s Kinda Hot EP is set to be released on Aug. 28 through Capitol Records. Pre-orders are currently available on Capitol Records’ website. At the time, there has been no official mention of when 5SOS’ sophomore album is set to be release though the band members themselves have already stated there is a new album on the horizon.


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