Weezer Frontman Tries Online Dating in “Go Away”


How long has it been since we’ve heard anything from Weezer? We’re not counting the news that the comedy series based on frontman Rivers Cuomo’s life was not picked up.

Well, it does matter because the band has returned with the music video for “Go Away.”

In a nod to this generation’s way of finding dates, the video finds Cuomo trying his best to get Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino to swipe right on the dating app, Winder (yes, we all know it’s a cover-up for Tinder).

Instead of being his true self, Cuomo ends up putting on different disguising hoping one of them will get Cosentino to give him the time of day. Disguises include a punk rocker who eats food out of a garbage can, a “business” man showing off his “riches,” a hipster in a record store who ends up finding Weezer’s blue album on vinyl, and many more.

As we see, Cosentino and her friend spend the video laughing at all the crazy antics that this dude is pulling just to get her to say yes to a date.

Not surprisingly, none of the disguises end up working in Cuomo’s favor and he just about gives up until one of this bandmates comes up with the idea of him just being himself.

Check out the music video for “Go Away” below.

“Go Away” is featured on Weezer’s recently released album Everything Will Be Alright in the End which was released last October.

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