We Came As Romans Release Video for “The World I Used To Know”

We Came As Romans

We Came as Romans’ new album is set to be released tomorrow (July 24) and now, in anticipation of the new release, the band has unveiled the official music video from the album’s lead single, “The World I Used to Know.”

Check out the music video for the track below.

When “The World I Used to Know” was first released a few months ago, the band explained the inspiration behind the track.

“When we were younger, we had a youthful spirit that made us less fearful of the changing world around us. Even though we’ve lost that and are now more aware of the negativity in the world, we need to remember those days and view the world with a hopeful spirit.”

And that’s probably the frame of mind that helped get them through the recording of the new album which frontman Dave Stephens, admitted in an interview was brutal because of their new producer, David Bendeth, but worthwhile in the end.

“We really needed somebody to force us to push ourselves creatively as musicians. David wouldn’t let us put anything less than great songs on there.”

We Came as Romans hits shelves tomorrow through Equal Vision Records. For those who can’t wait for the new record to be released, the band is currently streaming the full album over at the Huffington Post which also features a new interview with them.

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