Armor for Sleep Wants Fans to ‘Please Stand By’

Are Armor for Sleep coming out of hibernation?

Today, a suspicious picture was posted on the New Jersey band’s Facebook page, a page that has been inactive for months. The last thing to be posted prior to this was an image of their breakout record, What to Do When You Are Dead, and a message reminding fans that the record, which gave us songs like “Car Underwater” and “The Truth About Heaven,” had turned ten.

Now, fans of the band are not sure what’s going on after an image asking us to “please stand by” was uploaded, especially after such a long period of inactivity. Check out the post below.

Armor for Sleep called it a day back in 2009. Frontman Ben Jorgensen had released a statement revealing that the inevitable had happened to them; the band was disbanding. Since they had no new music in the works nor were there any tours in their future, they decided it was best to put the band to rest.

After the announcement, the band went quiet only to reunite at the 2012 Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey. Fans hoping that this would lead to a full reunion were quickly given the bad news that Bamboozle was just them, getting up on stage to “say goodbye properly to the people out there who never got the opportunity to see them [us] one last time.”

They ended the 2012 statement by saying that it was “for good this time- we promise,” but could this new cryptic message be them undoing what they had said three years? Who knows, we’re just hoping deep down inside that it means, maybe, there’s a “What to Do When You Are Dead Tenth Anniversary Tour” in the works because you know, it’s become the latest trend to do ten year anniversary tours.


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