5 Seconds of Summer Announce New Single


After the countdown clock struck zero on their website, 5 Seconds of Summer decided that it would be a lot more fun to string their fans along by making them wait a little longer. And by “a little longer” we mean a lot longer.

On their website, the breaking news broadcast video that had been uploaded yesterday was replaced with a video of a guy spray painting a wall. For many fans, ten minutes into watching the video they gave in since there were no answers to be seen and no body knew how long the video would play. Unlike them, we decided to stick it out and let the video play for the complete hour and a half.

What we did get at the end was an image of a cheerleader’s body, with a wolf’s head (or is it a fox?), and the words “she’s kinda hot” to the right of the image.

Turns out, “She’s Kinda Hot” is the Australian band’s new single.

Taking to Twitter, they posted a minute and a half long video confirming the news. In addition to the revealing that “She’s Kinda Hot” will be available in “two days” aka on Friday, July 17, they also revealed that a music video was filmed for the track and that the sound of the new song will set the tone for their sophomore record.

Check out the band’s confirmation video below as well as their thanks for being patient.

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