5 Seconds of Summer Tease Big Announcement

While you may love or hate 5 Seconds of Summer, one thing is for sure, it does not appear that the band will be going away any time soon, especially if this big announcement they’re teasing fans about is a confirmation of a new record on the horizon.

Earlier today, the Australian band took to Twitter to let fans know that “this is not a drill” and proceeded post the link to their website.

As soon as you enter their site, 5ONTHEWALL.COM, you are greeted by a television set playing nothing but static. Then, all of a sudden, a breaking news broadcast takes the place of the static. The broadcast begins with the news that there is a suspicious symbol populating all over the world and even space.

The symbol? A white and yellow heart barely keeping itself together with a safety-pin.

Anyone else getting flashbacks to high school and their “emo” phase?

The symbol begins to appear in different locations around the world like in a crop circle in middle America, in Time Square, at the Colosseum, in London, on the Sydney Opera House in 5SOS’ home country of Australia, and even on a flag on the moon.

But what exactly does it mean might be the question having fans scratching their heads. Considering there is a countdown timer below the television set on the lower right corner, we’re assuming things will be revealed at said time which happens to be tomorrow (Wed., July 15) at 1:30 p.m. EST.

As of now, fans are beginning to speculate a lot of things. Is it a new album? Is it a new song? What could it be?!

We have seen it in past; nothing works faster and more efficient than a fan girl trying to find out super secret information about their favorite band. On Twitter, a follower found out that there is a song titled “Safety Pin” registered to 5SOS, so that might be a piece of the puzzle right there.

No matter what, all will be revealed tomorrow afternoon.

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