We Came as Romans Premiere “Tear it Down”

We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans’ fourth studio album is set to be released later this month while the group are still in the middle of the 2015 Vans Warped Tour.

In anticipation of the release, the Michigan-based band have already released two songs from the upcoming record; “The World I Used to Know” and “Regenerate.”

Now, the group are giving fans another track to hold them over until the July 25 release date.

Premiering exclusively on Billboard, the band have released the third single off of We Came as Romans, “Tear it Down.”

Listen to the track here.

According to the band, making the self-titled record was a huge departure from their previous efforts all stemming from their new producer, David Bendeth, who gave the band a rude awakening when they began working on the album.

“We went in and he said, ‘OK, play your best songs,’ and we did and he was like, ‘This is horrible! This sucks!'” We Came as Romans frontman Dave Stephens told Billboard.

“He said, ‘You better play something right now that’s gonna impress me, ’cause this isn’t.’ At that point we had 12 songs and he pretty much shot down every single thing we came in with. It was absolutely shocking. He really called us out; ‘This is your fourth record. You’re doing the same shit you’ve been doing every other record. You can’t get away with it.’ That’s why we went with him, though; we really needed somebody to force us to push ourselves creatively as musicians. David wouldn’t let us put anything less than great songs on there.”

Following the not-so-great-meeting with Bendeth, the band went back to the drawing board and even got some writers to collaborate with them to help create 23 new songs which eventually was reduced down to the ten songs that made it onto the record.

“It took a lotta lotta writing,” begins Stephens.

“It was a huge battle to decide which ones were going to make it. Each member was in love with different songs for different reasons, and I feel like everybody lost one of his favorite songs along the way. I knew I lost a couple. If they weren’t the best songs, they weren’t gonna make it.”

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