Blessthefall Fans to Debut “Up in Flames” Video

What happens when a band gives their fans the power to debut a new music video?

We’re going to assume those fans are going to do anything in their power to get said music video out to the masses as quickly as possible.

We’re also going to assume that’s what Blessthefall is counting on.

The band announced via Twitter that they were going to give their fans the power to help them debut the music video for their newest single, “Up in Flames.”

In their Twitter post, which came with a video, they explain that they will release the music video on Tuesday, July 7, at midnight (9 p.m. for those on the west coast), but they also want the music video to go viral.

This is where the power of the fans come into play. The band have started a Thunderclap campaign to get the music video trending. Thunderclap is a “crowdspeaking platform” that is also described as an “online flash mob.” All a person needs to do is sign in with one of their social media accounts and let the messages be posted.

On their campaign page, Blessthefall write that this is about giving the fans the power since they are the reason for the band’s career. “You will premiere ‘Up In Flames’ directly through YOUR socials. We want to put the power on your hands. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. ”

Interesting concept, right?

Check out the message from the band below.

“Up in Flames” will appear on the band’s upcoming new album To Those Left Behind which is set to be released on Sept. 18 through Fearless Records. Pre-orders for the record are currently available at their Vans Warped Tour tent.

As of now, the band’s support has surpassed their goal of 500 supporters. At the time of this being written, they had 1,064 supporters with a reach of 1.4 million people.

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