Dashboard Confessional Frontman Hints at New Album


When Dashboard Confessional announced they would be heading out on tour after a lengthy break (we’re not calling it a hiatus), the inevitable talks of a new album began to circulate among fans.

Turns out, the fan talk might not have been too off from the truth and that came directly from the mouth of frontman Chris Carrabba when he sat down with Entertainment Weekly recently.

“It really feels like we’re eager to write, which means there’s probably a new record coming out,” Carrabba told the publication.

“Who am I kidding? There’s a new record coming.”

But if that wasn’t enough, Carrabba revealed that their current summer tour with Third Eye Blind might have awoken the band’s desire to head back on the road and perform for their longtime fans meaning new music.

“This tour has led us to say, ‘All we want to do is tour.’ The next stop comes [new music].”

Generally a major concern for fans of bands like Dashboard and groups from the so-called “emo era,” is the fact that their sound tends to change and evolve. Carrabba reassured fans that the new music will sound like “what we sound like.”

“We will sound like what we sound like,” he begins.

“With every record we like to take a step forward. We just make a step forward. You make a record off what you learn on the last tour.”

While Carrabba confirmed the rumors of new music, it might not come as soon as we all hope it will.

“I imagine I’ll probably start writing any minute now. I don’t know when it starts to sound like, ‘This is what we want it to sound like.’ For a 12-song record it can be as short as ten days, or as long as three months, or as long as two years.”

We’re hoping the South Florida boy will have that new record out sooner than two years from now because it’s been six years since their last album (2009’s Alter the Ending) was released.

For those who have yet to see Dashboard Confessional and Third Eye Blind, full tour dates can be seen here. Tonight, they will be taking over the JBL River Stage at Pier 97 in New York City.

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