The Story So Far Frontman Lets the Audience Know How He Feels About “Stage Seflies”


Doesn’t matter where you go whether it be the movies or the bathroom, you are bound to bump into someone who is too busy taking a picture of themselves to notice what’s happening on around them. Sadly, this is what the world has come to (remember selfie sticks were a huge seller last Christmas).

While a lot of musicians are on the fence about selfies because they take a part in the madness, there are some that have had enough of audience members spending more time trying to get the perfect band/selfie ration in their pictures to upload to social media than enjoying the music they are witnessing first hand.

One of those people not digging the “stage selfie” trend at concerts is The Story So Far frontman Parker Cannon.

During the band’s show at the Scout Bar in Houston on June 2, an audience member decided to get on stage to take a “stage selfie” during the band’s song “All Wrong.”

The audience member should have taken the song’s title as a warning because when Cannon saw what the guys was doing, he went over to the guy and kicked him. We’re guessing Cannon was trying to kick him off the stage, but that didn’t pan out.

Sadly, we’re sure the guy didn’t even noticed what had happened because he was too busy taking his own picture.

To see Cannon kick the guy, you will need to fast forward the video below to around the 12:27 point since it is the complete footage from that night’s show.

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