Bring Me the Horizon Postpone DVD Release Again

If you happen to be one of the many Bring Me the Horizon fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of the band’s Live At Wembley Arena DVD, then we have some bad news for you; the release date has been pushed back, again.

The band announced the news earlier today on Twitter and Facebook, but reassured their followers that the extra wait would be worth it in the end even including their recently released video for “The House of Wolves” which was also filmed during the DVD’s recording.

Last December, the band announced that the DVD/CD which features the group performing at their sold out show at Wembley Arena in London was set to be released in March of this year. March has now come and gone and the DVD still has yet to be seen.

It was then announced about two weeks ago that May 29 would be the official release date for the DVD, but as we all now know, it won’t be happening. As of now, the band are aiming for a Summer release, at least according to their social media accounts.

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