Lipton Tea to Launch ‘Be More Tea’ Festival

It seems like every year, we see the creation of more and more music festivals which to music fans like ourselves, is a pretty great thing.

Today, Lipton Tea announced they would be putting their hat into the music festival ring this year with their inaugural Be More Tea Festival.

The beverage brand’s festival will take place in North Charleston, S.C. at the Riverfront Park on Oct.24. The company hopes to inspire attendees to “Be More Tea,” the brand’s philosophy that encourages people to take time to engage with others and enjoy the world around them as well as celebrate their 125th anniversary.

Yes, that yellow box of tea you currently have in the back of your cabinet is turning 125 this year.

With the announcement, the beverage company has also revealed the first handful of artists slated to take the stage at the one day festivities. Jimmy Fallon house group The Roots, festival staple Passion Pit, Top 100 darlings Walk the Moon, and St. Lucia will all be making the trip to South Carolina this Fall for the event.

According to Melanie Watts, Lipton’s director of marketing, the festival will include one main, continuous festival stage as well as a neighborhood block party-meets-carnival vibe with “food, attractions, games, and rides.”

The one day party will also offer attendees different tea-based tasting booths that will highlight their products including their top-selling hot teas to their recently launched Lipton Sparkling Iced Tea. Watts also hinted they there will be some “fun tea-based cocktails.”

Do we smell their own version of a Long Island Iced Tea on the menu?

In honor of all the celebration, Lipton is also hosting the Be More Tea Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes will award 125 tea drinkers, and guests, trips to the music festival. The sweepstakes began on May 18 and will wrap up 125 days later on Sept. 19. For more information about the sweepstakes or to just enter, head on over to the Be More Tea Festival website.

Be More Tea Festival

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