Watch Adam Lazzara Burn Down a House in “Better Homes and Gardens”

It’s been over a year since Taking Back Sunday released their new album Happiness Is…and we’re now being gifted with a brand new music video from it.

After a handful of tours and several festival appearances, the Long Island band have released the music video for the somber track, “Better Homes and Gardens.”

The music video only features frontman Adam Lazzara as he drives a beat up blue pick up truck to the woods. There, we see a house which looks like it has seen better days. As Lazzara sings the song, we watch as he goes to the back of the truck and removes a gasoline canister from the bed and heads for the house.

He begins to pour gasoline all over the house and follows it up by lighting a cigarette. As you can guess, the house soon goes up in flames and all we see is Lazzara just watching as that “house that you hate” burns down to the ground.

As anyone who has seen the song performed live and knows some information about Lazzara’s personal life, you can guess (and probably be right) about the subject matter of the song.

Watch the video for “Better Homes and Gardens” below.

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