Glastonbury to Allow Selfie Sticks

Long live the selfie sticks at music festivals, we guess.

After several North American music festivals decided to ban the distracting device, English festival Glastonbury has revealed that they will be letting the contraption into their event.

In an interview with NME, festival organizer Emily Eavis confirmed that they do not have a set rule about the elongated stick, unlike other festivals (and venues), who have it listed on their prohibited items category.

“A lot of festivals have banned selfie sticks, but we’re not really in the business of banning stuff. We haven’t really decided where we stand on them,” she said.

“I’m going to walk around and see if they’re getting in the way or not!”

The banning of the seflie sticks isn’t just contained to North American venues. Surprisingly, the banning began across the pond at several European locations. Music venues like O2 Academy Brixton, London’s O2 Arena and the SSE Wembley Arena as well as historical landmarks like France’s Palace of Versailles and Rome’s Colosseum have banned the elongated sticks from their premises.

They have cited safety and health concerns as the reason, but we can probably assume that the real issue is.

If you’re thinking about taking the selfie stick to any music festivals this Summer, tread carefully because you never know who you might be blocking just to take a gazillion pictures to show off you were at a festival. The person you’re blocking might just be planning your demise using said stick.

You never know.

Glastonbury Festival will take place from June 24-28 at Worthy Farm, Somerset. This year’s headliners include Kanye West, the Foo Fighters, and The Who.


  1. Well to be fair given that those near the pyramid stage will only ever get to see a sea of flags the selfie sticks will not even be noticed.

    I shall be spending most of my time at the Avalon Stage, left Field, the John Peel tent and the Acoustic stage. I will see Foo Fighters though 🙂

    • I’ve never been to Glastonbury, so I can’t say anything from experience, so I’ll take your word on that.

      Last week, I was at a music festival in Central Florida and almost got hit in the head with a selfie stick. I could not tell you how much I wanted to beat the girl in the head with it. The worst part was there weren’t that many people in the crowd to warrant the stupid stick.

      I’m generally anti-selfie stick because I’m on the short side and can’t see normally. Then you add something like that in front of me and I really can’t see.

      Hopefully things work out for you and the Foo Fighters are worth the craziness you’ll endure!

      • yep, I know. I can’t understand why people need the darn things but hey ho. I also hate the fact that some people need to climb on others shoulders etc blocking the view of everyone behind them

      • Agreed.

        Not be mean, but I’ve noticed that typically it’s the girlfriends of the giants in front of me who do that.

        Guess it’s all just part of going to a music festival.

  2. Glasto isn’t a very authoritarian place. I think if you start banning things it becomes the narrow end of the wedge, and suddenly you start to lose the magic (like all those other soul-less festivals around).

    All the flags at Glasto are really annoying, though! lol

    • Like the Eavis said, if she sees that it’s hindering people’s line of sight, like the selfie stick typically does, then they might consider banning it in the future. Hopefully, by that time, the obsession will be over (doubtful, but hey, you can dream).

      As for those flags, maybe those should be the first things to be discussed. Like I’ve said, I’ve never been to Glasto, so I’m taking you guys’ word on it.

      At the end of the day, don’t forget to have fun. Don’t spend so much time trying to chronicle it that you aren’t enjoying it in present time.

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