Atreyu Announce New Album, ‘Long Live’


After revealing plans to release a new album in 2015, Atreyu have officially confirmed the name of the new record as well as the release date, well at least release month.

The band’s upcoming sixth studio album will be titled Long Live and is set to be released this September through their new record label, Search and Destroy Records, who they signed with back in November.

The California group revealed the new album information on Facebook when they posted an image which featured their name, the record’s title, and the words “new album September 2015.”

Exciting stuff.

The new album, according to frontman Alex Varkatzas will go back to their roots and will sound more like The Curse than anything else.

“Absolutely no melodic vocals on my end. AMEN! Happy to get back to my roots and still bring in some new tricks. My brothers and I have made our best record yet. Can’t wait to share it with you all,” wrote Varkatzas on Facebook back in February.

Apparently, the sentiments ring true throughout the band because even drummer Brandon Saller said the same during an interview.

“I think going away for a while and not being in this band and coming back and being able to think about what you love most about the band… I mean, those were conversations that we had… Like, what do we love most? What’s our strong suit? What do we feel most comfortable doing? ‘Cause that’s what we wanna do, ’cause that’s the most fun,” said Saller during an interview with Australian publication, Music Feeds earlier this year during Soundwave 2015.

“So I think, for him [Varkatzas], he was, like, ‘I just wanna f—ing come out and rip people’s heads off,’” he continued.

“So it was, like, ‘All right. Cool. You don’t wanna sing? You don’t sing. That’s how we started. I’ll sing. And you just f—ing go nuts.’ And everyone’s stoked on it. And he’s doing different s–t. He’s doing a lot of different stuff on the new record — different sh-t he’s never done before. But it’s brutal. It’s f—ing awesome.”

Atreyu’s last album, before their hiatus, was 2009’s Congregation of the Damned.

Earlier this month, they released their first ever Record Store Day contribution; a 7″ EP which featured their newest tracks, “So Others May Live” and “When the Day is Done.”

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