Weezer Proves “Everybody Needs Salvation”


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the Weezer camp, which could either be a good or bad thing.

The last bit of Weezer news we can recount was confirmation that the television series loosely based on frontman Rivers Cuomo’s life while he was at Harvard would be recorded for pilot season.

So it comes as kind of surprise that the band have released a new song. On the other hand, the song which is titled “Everybody Needs Salvation,” was released as a gift to their fan club members after the club was relaunched last year.

The band gave the fan club members the seven-inch record as a gift and now, even those not in the special club, have been given the chance to hear the song. Listen to it below.

Weezer’s ninth studio album, Everything Will Be Alright in the End was released last October. They might not be going on a full tour right now, but they do have a couple of shows coming up, beginning on June 6 in Thackerville, OK.


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