Owl City Announces New Album in Cool Way

While artists are always trying to find a fun, cool, and inventive way to reveal that they have a new album coming out, Owl City’s Adam Young out did everyone with his own announcement.

Instead of some written message on Facebook or Twitter or a video featuring band members revealing the new album, Young composed a one-minute song thanking his fans for sticking by him even though he’s been quiet for a couple of years now.

Then, he made the announcement; his new album is set to be released this Summer.

Yes Adam, Owl City is in fact back and we do look forward to those sad songs that you write.

Listen to Young’s announcement below.

Owl City’s last release was in 2014 when he decided to release several EPs rather than one studio album. Sadly, only one EP was released; Ultraviolet which featured lead single Beautiful Times” with violinist Lindsey Stirling.

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