If Music Festival Commercials Told the Truth…


The weather is getting warmer which is a sure-fire sign that music festival season has arrived. In no time, our timelines and newsfeeds will be plagued with photos (mostly selfies) of people at the numerous music festivals the world has to offer.

With Ultra Music Festival already over (took place in March) and Coachella already half way through, there are many more coming our way within the next couple of months. Where else can you drink silly, listen to goo music live and hang out with your long list of biffles?

At least, that’s what the commercials for the festivals have us believing.

The truth is, high-profiled music festivals are usually packed with “celebrities” and people dressed as fairies, the heat that makes you feel like you’re literally walking on the sun, overpriced food and drinks, porta-potties that make you wish you didn’t eat or drink those expensive items, and if you live in places where random thunderstorms are common (what’s up South Florida), you have that added dread of “is it going to pour today, or not?”

CollegeHumor who we all know for making parody of things that we love, have decided to make their own music festival commercial for their own music festival, Opapotamus. Since parodying something usually makes it a little more honest, you can tell that this commercial will touch on all those aforementioned issues that we encounter when we go to a festival.

Side note, we know that music festivals are not all bad. We have mostly good memories from the ones we’ve attended in the past.

Check out the “commercial” below.

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