Brand New Finally Premiere New Song


It feels like Brand New fans have been waiting forever for the band to release new material and after a six years wait, it’s finally happened.

During their show at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium last night (April 8), the Long Island band kicked off their set with a new track.

Some are reporting that the new song is titled “Don’t Feel Anything” which would seem plausible since the chorus does repeat those words over and over again.

Check out some fan shot videos of the show from several different angles.

The song’s debut comes on the heels of the band finally mailing out those The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me lyric booklets nine years after they were suppose to (we guess they were busy?).

Yesterday afternoon, Brand New fans went crazy when the band cleaned their Instagram account and relaunched it with a new promo photo of the band (as seen above) and a photo advising those attending upcoming shows that a second printing of the booklets will be at the shows and soon online.

Let’s hope this is not the end.

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