Watch Tom DeLonge Destroy Things in “New World” Video


A month after releasing the lead single from his upcoming solo album, Tom DeLonge has given fans the official music video for “New World.”

The video begins with DeLonge sitting in what appears to be a rehearsal space with a drum kit, a guitars, and a piano in the room. Soon after, we see him get up and start destroying the space with his guitar. Good-bye goes everything including the drums, the piano, the television, lamps; you name it, he destroys it. Soon, there’s nothing on the floor but rumble.

In between shots of him destroying the space, we see him walking down the street, and even into a grocery store, with the broken up guitar put back together with black electrical tape. Best part was seeing him pushing a grocery cart with the guitar just sitting there like a child.

Watch the video below.

“New World” will be featured on DeLonge’s To the Stars: Demos, Odds, and Ends record due out later this month alongside previously released track, “The Invisible Parade.” With a few weeks left until its official released date (April 20), DeLonge still has one more song pending release, as he promise back at the beginning of March.

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