Watch the Plain White T’s Turn a Derailed Roadtrip into an Impromptu Concert

With parts of the United States feeling like summer is never going to arrive, the Plain white T’s are giving those stuck in the never-ending cycle of snow something to look forward to with their new music video.

The band released the music video for their new single, “Pause” in conjunction with Lipton Iced Tea and their “Be More Tea” campaign.

The video begins with the band, stranded on the side of the desert after their RV (you might recognize it as the one from Breaking Bad) breaks down, abandoning them in the middle of nowhere all alone.

Instead of panicking, they do just as the song suggestions and pause and enjoy every minute of it. Soon, people passing by see the band relaxing and decided to pull over and party alongside them.

Somehow, they get tons of people to come out to the middle of nowhere for an impromptu concert, but hey, it’s a music video, what do you expect.

Check out the video below.

In an interview with Billboard, frontman Tom Higgenson explains how the song and the band’s upcoming seventh studio album, American Nights, is all about focusing on the present and concentrating on what’s happening now.

“Our new album American Nights, really focuses on being present and concentrating on what’s happening now instead of what might happen tomorrow,” said Higgenson.

“This song, ‘Pause,’ is our lead single and it serves as a reminder to be present and appreciate all of life’s experiences.”

A good motto to live by.

American Nights, will be released next Tuesday, March 31.

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