Tom DeLonge Posts ‘To the Stars’ Tracklist


While the newly revamped Blink-182 took the stage last night in California to show off the line-up, former singer Tom DeLonge was taking care of his own business.

After the smoke had somewhat settled from the back and forth between the three members of the band, DeLonge announced that tracks he had recorded for that now defunct Blink album would be put together with some other previously unreleased songs to compile a solo album.

DeLonge already released the lead single from the album, a track titled “New World” and has followed that up by revealing the full track list for To the Stars: Demos, Odds, and Ends.

Check out the complete. eight-track list below.


1. “New World”
2. “An Endless Summer”
3. “Suburban Kings”
4. “The Invisible Parade”
5. “Circle-Jerk-Pit”
6. “Landscapes”
7. “Animals”
“8. Golden Showers in the Golden State”

To the Stars: Demos, Odds, and Ends will be released through DeLonge’s label, To the Stars, on April 20.

In a recent post on Twitter, DeLonge also revealed his plan to release not just one, but a total of four new album in 2015. Quite the feat if he comes through.

Last December, DeLonge and his band, Angels and Airwaves released their fifth studio album, The Dream Walker.

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