Listen to We Are Harlot’s (Ex-Asking Alexandria Frontman) New Song


When Asking Alexandria revealed that longtime frontman Danny Worsnop was no longer in the band, fans started to freak out and wondering what would become of their beloved band (spoiler: nothing; they’re still going).

Worsnop had sent a message to fans advising them that his side project, We Are Harlot would now become his sole priority.

Now, over a month since the breaking news, Worsnop and the rest of We Are Harlot have released their second song from their upcoming record; a track titled “Never Turn Back.”

Listen to the new tune below.

“Never Turn Back” will join previously released single, “The One” on the band’s self-titled debut set to be released on March 31 through Roadrunner Records.

As for the band that he fronted since 2008, Asking Alexandria confirmed quickly after Worsnop’s departure was made public that they would be heading out on the Van Warped Tour this Summer though they had to confirm a replacement vocalist.

They did reassure fans that by the time they hit the road, they would have an official singer to replace Worsnop. So far, no official replacement announcement has been made.

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